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AD59- 4G- The Latest Multifunctional Wireless GPS Tracker

4G GPS Tracker

AD59- 4G- The Latest Multifunctional Wireless GPS Tracker

AD59 is our state-of-the-art 4G wireless GPS tracker, a compact and powerful device designed for ultimate safety and security. Equipped with real-time tracking capabilities, an SOS button for emergencies, and a built-in microphone for two-way communication, this tracker ensures you stay connected when it matters most. The added light sensor alarm enhances protection, alerting you to any unexpected changes in ambient lighting. Trust in our multifunctional GPS tracker for unparalleled peace of mind, combining cutting-edge technology with reliable features for your safety needs.

  • SIM Card Standard SIM Card
  • Positioning Chip Zhongke Micro
  • Positioning Method BD+GPS
  • Cold Start Average. 30 Seconds
  • Hot Start Average. 1 Second
  • Tracking Sensitivity -162 dBm

Product Introduction

Introducing our state-of-the-art AD59-4G Wireless GPS Tracker, a versatile and advanced solution that goes beyond standard tracking capabilities. Packed with features such as an SOS button, light sensitivity alarm, and voice monitoring, this multi-functional tracker is designed to meet the diverse needs of personal and asset security.

SOS Button for Instant Assistance:
In times of emergency, our GPS tracker provides a lifeline at your fingertips. The integrated SOS button allows users to send immediate distress signals, triggering swift responses to ensure the safety of individuals or assets. It's a powerful feature that brings peace of mind and adds an extra layer of security.

Light Sensitivity Alarm: Enhance security with our light sensitivity alarm feature. The tracker is equipped with sensors that detect changes in ambient light conditions. Receive instant notifications when the tracker is exposed to unexpected light variations, alerting you to potential tampering or unauthorized access to your assets.

Voice Monitoring for Real-Time Insights: Stay connected and informed with our voice monitoring capability. This feature enables users to listen in real-time to the surrounding environment of the tracker. Whether you're monitoring a vehicle, a loved one, or a remote location, the ability to listen discreetly provides valuable insights and ensures a heightened level of situational awareness.

Real-Time 4G Connectivity: Experience the speed and reliability of 4G connectivity. Our tracker leverages the latest in wireless technology, offering fast and dependable data transmission for real-time tracking updates. No more lag or delays – stay connected seamlessly in various environments.

 Compact and Discreet Design: Designed for practicality and versatility, our GPS tracker boasts a compact and discreet design. Easily attach it to personal items, vehicles, or assets without drawing attention. The unobtrusive profile ensures effective tracking without compromising aesthetics.

Multi-Functional Excellence: This GPS tracker is not just about location monitoring. It's a multi-functional device with a range of features designed to adapt to diverse tracking needs. From emergency SOS calls to light sensitivity alarms and voice monitoring, it's a comprehensive solution for security and asset management.





Communication Chip


Communication Band





900/1800 MHz

SIM Card

Standard SIM Card




Positioning Chip

Zhongke Micro

Positioning Method


Cold Start

Average. 30 Seconds

Hot Start

Average. 1 Second

Tracking Sensitivity

-162 dBm

Capture Sensitivity

-158 dBm

Positioning Antenna

Built-in Antenna

GPS Bands

L1: 1575.42±1.023MHz

Beidou Bands

B1: 1561.098±2.046MHz

Satellites Channels



Precise Positioning  < 5m

Timing Accuracy


Speed Accuracy

0.1m/s CEP

Maximum Acceleration


Maximum Speed


Maximum Height



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Regular GT06 protocol SMS instruction set